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There are different needs for different facilities based on the type of business, the number of employees, foot traffic, soil types, and other factors. With our help, you can design a customized cleaning program that meets your schedule and budget requirements. Our cleaning programs are custom designed to meet your facility's specific requirements and present a professional image.

Our general cleaning programs include these services and more:

  • Office, lobby and entrance way cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize)

  • Restroom Cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize, re-fill supplies)

  • Lunch/Breakroom Cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize)

  • Stairways (dust, vacuum, mop)

  • High Touch Objects/Surfaces (doorknobs, stair railings, light switch, etc.)



Cleaning Trolley
  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop)

  • Trash removal

  • High Dust (vents, lights, corners, blinds, items on walls)

  • Low Dust (chair & table legs, sides of desks, cabinets)

  • Preventive Maintenance (carpet and hard floor cleaning, window washing)

Marble Floor

Add a Platinum Touch 

  • Strip & wax

  • Top scrub

  • Buff & shine 

  • Carpet shampoo

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